May 2021 Issue

The May issue of BusinessF1 is packed with interesting features from the story of Anthony and Lewis Hamilton’s money to new insights into the death of Colin Chapman and Part 2 of the Aston Martin floatation investigation. We also look at the dangers that are apparent in Armco barriers and the need to find a better solution.

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  1. Andy Palmer is a total disgrace. What he did during his time at AM is disgusting and he should be locked up for it. I can tell you first hand, I spent 12 happy years at the factory amid lifer.ployees who gave their everything to the brand, plenty of which until just before their sad passing at retirement.. It is a very rare thing that a company has a product that reduces its employees and buyers alike, to mere excited little boys. Look at the posts on FB owner groups discussing which is the best shampoo and wiper blades to fit. People who otherwise captain worldwide industries. It’s a brand that invokes passion from near cradle to grave age range. It is not however, a brand well suited to the kind of man man who say, might otherwise be an East End property shark who just flips a wreck if an old industrial tower block and sells it at an overinflated price as luxury penthouses, then runs off before anyone realises what he did. Not that AM was an old industrial block, but it clearly was in bad shape. This trickster who so many looked up to, ripped off just about everyone connected with the brand. Like his former Nissan boss who was imprisoned for fraud, Andy Palmer should be at least, banned from the industry. I’m sure the 80 million he took from the deal would keep him sitting pretty anyway. When I shook his hand at a Bucharest DBX launch in 2018, my immediate reaction which I shared with his subordinate, was that this is a man severely lacking integrity. Handshakes don’t lie. And definately he was not worthy to be CEO of Britain’s greatest iconic brand.. shame on him.

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