July 2024 Issue

July’s BusinessF1 cover story looks five years into the future at the FIA presidential election in 2029 and the strong likelihood that both candidates will be women; Fabiana Ecclestone and Susie Wolff. A profile of both women looks at their history and their prospects for the election. An Insight article looks at the future of energy drinks amidst recent controversy about caffeine and taurine content. The article concludes that eventually energy drinks will face a advertising ban that will see companies like Monster and Red Bull having to leave Formula One just as the tobacco companies were forced out 20 years ago.

An Insight article also looks at the money minting machine that Ferrari has become. It is now valued at $80 billion, a valuation that seems entirely justified by its future prospects. Elsewhere, there is a 22-page review of the history of the British Grand Prix written in the BusinessF1 style, an obituary of Parnelli Jones and a retrospective on the 45-year Formula One career of Peter Collins, who has just retired as BusinessF1’s Publisher.

July 2024 BusinessF1 Magazine
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