December 2023 Issue

The December issue is very special with our 42-page feature on The World’s Top 20 Petrolheads.

After research lasting months, the 1,600 word profiles of each of the top 20 are finally ready to be published. And it is a treat for motoring aficionados - unlike anything published on the subject before. Elsewhere we look again at the cheating season of 1994 in the light of new evidence published in Damien Smith’s new Benetton biography.

Subsequent to that, we are beginning our campaign for Damon Hill, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton to be awarded honorary world championships to compensate them for the injustices they suffered in 1994, 2008 and 2021.

Andrew Frankl has also been enjoying a month long sojourn with a Mercedes SL 43 and its environmentally friendly four cylinder engine. He delivers his verdict inside this issue. He also looks at the history of the SL and its seven generations - of which Andrew has owned five.

Plus, the usual 20 pages of news, which gets into the stories that matter in Formula One.

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